Thanksgiving is behind us and it’s time for Chrsitmas decorations. We have many versions of decorations – new, rustic, classic, old, and then there are these ‘vintage’ family glass ornaments. We have too many special things to put on our tree, so I put these in a glass jar that now sits in our living room. It’s a great way to enjoy them without taking the risk that one of our cats will knock them off the tree. If you look closely in the solid red ball you can see the reflection of me taking the picture. It is as if our world is reflecting back to me through these ornaments. 

I think most decorations of any type reflect the values, ideas, personality and preferences of the person. Most people decorate and arrange their world – at work and at home – to be places they want to reside. The furniture they buy, the art they hang on their walls, and the colors they choose say a great deal. I once knew a guy who bought his house but had nothing on the walls, nothing hanging in any room of the house. When I asked him why he said, “I don’t plan to live here forever, so why hang art that only leaves holes in the walls? The holes in the walls will reduce the resale value.” That statement helped me understand so many things in his life. It wasn’t important to him to enjoy where he lived, it was an investment. And never did it enter his mind that he could enjoy where he lived until he moved. He simply thought that the thought of losing future earnings was more important than actually having a real life in his house. 

Decorations help us enjoy our spaces. They help make a house into a home, a desk into a productive work area, a simple room into a haven of peace and joy. It’s not the size or windows or square footage that makes a place wonderful, it is what we put into it that transforms both us and the space. A simple jar of family ornaments help bring life and memories into a space. They bring stories and family and people from the past into view. Those ornaments bring childhood to life and happiness into better perspective.

Look at the spaces where you live and enjoy what you have created. If you feel tired or bored or blah, try rearranging. Try mixing things up. Try putting the things that occupy your space into a different perspective. If you are not inspired, then move things around until you are…let the decorations of your life reflect who you have been, who you are today, and who you want to be in the future. Life is too short to live in a beige world. Bring color, life and memories into yoru world and let the joy permeate your soul.