It’s the day after Thanksgiving which means leftovers…I am thankful for leftovers. Not only are they awesome to ingest, they prevent you from having to cook more meals. My husband is a fabulous cook and made two turkeys with year, so we are overflowing with leftovers. What’s great about leftovers is it means you had more food than you needed during the course of the meal, so you keep the rest for later. We had friends over and sent them home with two boxes. We’ve already had two meals with leftovers and I am looking forward to more over the weekend. 

There are other times in life when ‘leftovers’ are also a blessing…like hand-me-down clothing. I had brothers and loved when I got their old clothes to play in…they were already broken in and ready for me to get dirty. I had friends with older sisters and loved it when they out grew clothes and gave them to me. And I have found some real deals by shopping at Goodwill. Some one else is done with the clothing, and I get to benefit without the high price tag. 

Other ‘leftovers’ are the pieces of furniture, family heirlooms or attic remnants people pass along. Our house is decorated with these treasures. We have furniture from every generation of our families which have been painted, stained, reupholstered or simply rearranged. It’s a beautiful thing and a blessing to be able to benefit and enjoy these items with memories. 

So leftovers have all sorts of benefits, blessings and savings. How have you benefited from more than enough? How has someone else’s abundance blessed your life? And how can you return the favor? What do you have more than enough of that you can pass onto someone else? Take time to share what you have to make someone else’s world better. Be thankful for more than enough and share it.