Happy Thanksgiving! It is our national holiday for giving thanks for all the blessings we enjoy. It is also our national holiday for over indulging, over eating, turkey and napping. It is the Thursday in November when we come together – friends and family – to celebrate life and all it contains. 

I am thankful for the people who have come before, paving the way for our current prosperity. I am thankful for the people who fought hard, struggled, made sacrifices and took risks in order for the future to be a better place. I am grateful to the pilgrims who left their safe home to find a new world, a new place, a land where they were free to live and believe as they chose. All these efforts and independence has been passed along to our generation. Every year the ability to succeed and dream has gotten better. 

Some people don’t believe that you can still succeed in this country. Some people believe that debt, the economy, the real estate market, corporations, governement and unequal distribution of wealth is the reason they can’t make ends meet. Thanks giving is not about making it, it is about giving thanks. This is not a national holiday devoted to buying, shopping, capitalism…it is about being grateful for what you do have. It is about giving thanks for health, family, a roof over your head and enough food to eat. It is about giving thanks for kindess and courage, abundance and clean water. Thanksgiving is a day to remind us that someone once made great sacrifices to make our world better, eventhough they would never meet us. 

So what are you truly thankful for? In waht way have you been blessed? Take time today to vocalize your thanks and fill your heart with gratitude. This is the only day we have dedicated to this…don’t miss the opportunity to give thanks.