In Japan people tie wishes, blessings, and messages of hope in the trees near certain shrines. I think it is a wonderful physical reminder of being thankful. As people pass under the tree they can imagine the words while adding their own messages of thanks. What a public way to share your own appreciation for the world around you. 

It’s Tuesday and I am thankful for the beautiful trees and natural elements. I’ve been to places where there are few trees and not much of nature to experience. The days there seem colder and more brutal. The sun shines and yet it doesn’t seem as bright as when it shines through colorful leaves. Without the trees we would be sheltered by only man made elements, with no hope for viewing the colors of the season. 

Today as you move busily through the day take time to notice the flora and fauna…stop and experience a tree. They line our streets, cover our land, tower over our homes, shelter a variety of wildlife. They bring color and life and nutrients to our spaces and clean our air. Trees provide shade in summer and glorious beauty in Spring and Fall. So many services they provide, the least we can do this time of year is give thanks for a tree.