This little girl spent her time in line eating Cheerios. She had a blast eating them and stuffing them in her mouth. Time seemed to stand still, nothing bothered her, no one got in her way, and she was content. She had a single purpose, consume and enjoy. I had a lot of fun watching her get them out of the container and put them one handful at a time in her mouth. If I had been sitting closer I’m sure I would have heard the yummy noises she made while she chewed. 

I think all too often we forget the pleasure of being focused on a goal without distraction. We forget the guiltless pleasure of being self absorbed, self focused, selfish in getting what we want. We spend so much time getting life done that we neglect our own needs. We travel through hours of the day and go to bed not feeling as if we have actually accomplished anything other than answer emails. This little girl reminded me of the pleasure of focus and the joy of getting exactly what you want. 

When was the last time in your life you were THAT focused on finishing a task. When nothing could stop you from completing your task. When was the last time you let nothing distract you from what you wanted? When no matter what was going on around you there was nothing that could stand in your way? 

Today I challenge you to throw caution to the wind and embrace life like a kid eating Cheerios. Let nothing get in your way, no matter what!