I started getting Black Friday coupons today…one week before Thanksgiving. It makes me sad that we don’t even celebrate the holiday for giving thanks anymore. We get pushed right into the holidays without a moment’s notice about being thankful. I saw my first holiday decoration in a craft store in July…which is five months before the actual holiday. Commercialism, capitalism, retail therapy, greed…whatever you call it, we rush our lives away and end up feeling like this cartoon puppy…frazzled, freaked out and overwhelmed. 

Take a deep breath. Now release the air in your lungs very slowly. Do this two or three more times. Now think about the people you love and what you want to tell them over this holiday season…and write it down. Put it on a speacial piece of paper and let that serve as the introduction to any gift you decide to buy, make, or invent. The gift will be amazing, and the words will add the tinsel to your holiday memory. 

Don’t let the pressure to spend make you feel like this cartoon. Don’t let the media and store advertisings make you feel less than wonderful. Don’t let the marketing madness drive you to give beyond your means…words you write will last longer than whatever gets unwrapped.