So many things in life, so little time to enjoy them all. And then when we do enjoy them all we are over indulged, over fed, over stimulated, and exhausted, fat and feel bad. I love that this sign reminds us to exhibit discipline…even if it is in humor. Self Denial is a thing, even if we do not practice it all the time. 

There are good reasons to self deny – to improve our health, our mindset, or to focus on what is really important. Self denial means not giving into the flesh and focusing on something more important. It means giving up to either break a habit or to start a new one. Self denial doesn’t always mean you have done something wrong, sometimes it will get you where you want to go. Saving money means self denial. It means focusing on what you want and denying every impulse you  have when in a store or get a catalog in the mail. Saving money means you are willing to go without in order to get a reward in the future. It means you are willing to live on less now to have more later. 

The examples of self denial are endless. The real challenge is sticking to the goal even after the emotion of the decision is gone. It means discipline. It means focusing on the future rather than the now. It means living with a plan and being consistent. It means explaining your ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ to people who may not understand. It means having confidence in your plan and working it everyday. 

Do you have a goal that is worth that kind of effort and energy? Do you have something you want that bad? Are you willing to do the work? If the answer is yes – then get busy, get disciplined, and go after waht you want. If the answer is no, then take something time to figure out what you do want and start working towards the goal. Life isn’t much fun if you drift all the time. Your future and your world are worth setting a goal and working towards it…now take the time to do the work, self denial and move forward. It on;y hurts for the instant of the decision, once oyu reach the goal the effort will be worth it.