It was a full moon last night. When we stopped to look in the sky my husband commented that the leaves on the trees looked like stars in the sky. This view also makes me think about how we decorate Christmas trees with ornaments and garland. Those ornaments look very much like the sweet gum pods hanging off this tree. Here real life reflects the beauty in nature. 

What will you see today that was an inspiration for another aspect of your life? Where does real life reflect nature in your   world? So many times we whip through the holidays not realizing that so many of the traditions we practice started somewhere. Someone in the past was inspired, had an idea, implemented the idea and then shared it with others. Then year after year we practiced that ‘traditionn’. 

I know people that celebrate Friendsgiving every year. They join with friends to eat and give thanks. I know people who give acts of service instead of gifts for Christmas. I know people who put money in a savings account for all the grandchildren instead of giving gifts. I know people who travel to a different place this time of year to see how the rest of the world celebrates. No matter who you are there are traditions you celebrate which make your holiday times special. 

Maybe it is time for you to start new traditions in your world, in your family, with those in your life now. Maybe it would be fun to research why your family does what it does to celebrate the holidays. Maybe you have always wanted to so something and yet never have because it is not a tradition. Tradition is not meant to bind us, it is meant to support us…and there are times for traditions to be practiced and times for new ones to take on the future. 

As you move through your holidays celebrate the traditions that you know and create new ones to move you into the future.