The holiday season is upon us, which means everyone has gift giving on their mind. Let me be the voice of reason here…gift giving does not mean you need to generate debt. The people who REALLY love you want you to be happy, which means not stressing out about buying the perfect gift. Gift giving is indeed a form of showing love, but not at the expense of your finances. The perfect gift is one you can afford, means something to you as the giver and to the person who will be receiving it. 

Gifts for the holidays are meant to show people you love them. They are meant to be an offering that exemplifies your feelings and will remind the recipient of you all year long. Gifts don’t have to cost a lot to mean a lot. The best gift is the one you remembered would make the receiver happy. One year my husband made jams and jelly, and everyone who received a jar still talks about it still. One year our niece painted a serving dish for us…it is one of my favorite things in our kitchen. Another year my husband found an item I mentioned months earlier…and made sure it was under the tree on Christmas day. 

When I look back at those gifts, I do not think about the money they spent, I think about the sentiment they represent. In fact most of them cost very little. What they really represent is the time the giver spent thinking of me. I would have felt terrible if I had known that the giver over-extended themselves to buy me a gift. As the holidays represent peace, love and joy…don’t let money, debt or lack of cash flow bring stress and fear into the picture. What people really want is for everyone to be happy…and money does not buy happiness.We are busy in gift production mode and having a blast. We are investing our time and energy to make the season bright. Some ones is involved, yet what will make these gifts a hit are the efforts we made to personalize each one for each recipient 

This holiday season REALLY think about what you give, why you are giving it, and can you afford it by paying cash? People love you and will love whatever you give them…so give peace to everyone, including your wallet.