Pumpkin Spice flavored anything is quite the rage right now. You can find that flavoring in cereal, coffee, doughnuts, candy, muffins, creamer and pie. We even found poinsettias that were pumpkin spice colored….in the grocery store of all places. Seems like everyone wants to jump on the band wagon when things popular and the idea has taken off.

Isn’t that true for so many areas of life as well? When you become popular or your idea takes off, suddenly people want to be involved. They want to feel the excitement as if they are part of what is happening. It’s nice when people begin to noticewhat  you are doing and want to join the fun. 

I wonder though, where were all those people when you were working hard on the idea and it was not going anywhere? Where was the support? Where was the energy and the fun and the desire to be a part of it all? Being innovative and creative can be a lonely business. People want to be around when you are successful, and yet not many are around while you are failing. 

Hopefully you have the tried and true few that encourage you when things are not working. They help you test ideas and artwork before anyone really knows your name. They are the support system we all need when times are rough, when ideas fall flat, when you question your ability to do anything right. They are the friends that bring you the coffee and doughnuts when you need a lift. They are the friends that see you through when stagnation seems to be your only speed. 

Send a hug or wink or smile or doughnut to your friends – the true friends. The ones that loved you before there were pumpkin spice colored poinsettias. The ones that you can call when your car breaks down at 3am, and they will come get you. The ones that were friends before the crowd showed up. Have coffee and a doughnut with them…