It’s the time of year when crafters and creative people are working to produce unique holiday gifts. They will spend hours and hours meticulously working on each item to be sure it is worthy of the receiver. These brilliant ones will buy supplies, utilize found objects, recycle metals, beads, use items from nature…all to create the perfect gift. If you are the recipient of one of these treasures you are a very loved and blessed person. 

What was the last gift you received that REALLY stuck out for you? Was it an object, a piece of jewelry, a childhood memory or something made especially for you? Was it a trip or an adventure, or maybe a complete and utter surprise? Did you ask for it and were surprised that you actually received it? Did you mention it a long time ago, and someone was listening enough to remember and go back and get it? OR was it something you dreamed about as a little kid and cherished the memory enough to hope you would one day find it again?

Sometimes we receive things that we do not want or like. We get sweaters that are obviously too small. We get things in colors we can’t stand. Or we get regifted items from special occasions long gone. The question isn’t whether you like it, or want it, or if it fits. The question is do you care enough about the giver to embrace the gift no matter what? Gifts are a sign of love and affection. They mean someone was thinking about you enough to want you to know it. The giver may not have been able to afford much, or know you well enough to know your style. The giver may only think you are special and wanted you to know it with the beauty of a gift. 

As you head into the holidays be kind, be gracious, be grateful, and above all else be loved. The gift is precious no matter the size, shape or color. The beauty of a gift is not in the object itself, it is in the sentiment of the giver…bows, wrapping paper, and boxes cannot express the emotion of what your giver wants you to know. The beauty of the gift is meant just for you.