In the last week we have seen the Cubs win the World Series and a reality star become President of the United States. Both events were in many people’s minds impossibilities. No matter which side you were cheering for in both cases, you cannot deny that amazing battles were won and lost right before out eyes. Things that were spoken as impossible, never happens, or unimaginable have actually come to pass tells us one thing…nothing is impossible. 

As you navigate your day, your week, the end of the year think about the things you would have said were impossible and imagine a better future for your world. We all get discouraged by circumstances and things beyond our control, and yet nothing is impossible. It might be difficult. It might be fantastic and unbelievable. It might even seem that only ‘those’ kinds of things happen to other people…yet nothing is impossible. 

Think big. Think beyond your current reality. Think outside of the box in which you currently reside…for nothing is impossible. IF this week’s events are any reminder, the impossible is possible.