Our world is made up of continents, countries,  and cities. Most of the world is migrating to live in cities, and yet many people still choose to live in the country. This ornament depicts a quaint city scene all decked out with glitter and gold. When I saw it, it made me think about the places I have lived…the suburbs, cities, and in a rural area. Buildings and houses, barns and stores all work together to create the flavor of a place. There is sometimes unique architecture. Sometimes the area is simple with clean lines and neat row houses. Sometimes it is skyscraper next to skyscraper next to skyscraper, one right after the other for miles upon miles. Sometimes there may be only one blinking stop light, with nothing but space and a post office to call it a town. No matter what the place you live is like, you call it home. 

So what makes it home? The buildings? The memories? The activities or restaurants or sporting events? The favorite bakery or the cherished coffee shop? Is it how close you are to church? Or the proximity of a hospital? Is it home because you have lived there so long? Or is it home because that is where you have chosen to base your world? Or maybe it is something more than all that. Maybe it has nothing to do with the place but the people who inhabit the space with you? 

We get all hung up on owning a home, or fixing up our home or even decorating our own place to make it what we want…when in reality, it is the people that make it home. The most beautifully decorated and photographed house is simply a house if no one fills it with people to love. Decorating and beauty alone do not make a space the place where you nourish your soul. Size, color, acreage or access do not make a house a home…the people do. 

So today as you leave the place you live, first of all give thanks. Be blessed that you have a warm safe place to be at peace. And be even more grateful that you have people to share it with that you love, and love you back. When it all boils down, ifyou  lived in a tent, a tiny house or a cave…if you have the people you love with you it doesn’t matter what the structure looks like. Love makes it a home…everything else is just a dwelling place.