We captured this view from the top of Tokyo Tower…a blurred shot of the tallest building in the country. Clarity is amazing, and yet blurry allows us to see everything from a different perspective. When things are blurry you can imagine anything. When you can imagine it, if you work hard enough you can achieve it. To many people that sounds naive and simple, yet time after time I have seen hard work change people’s lives. If you belive and work hard enough, you can do anything. 

I have family that fled Vietnam in a canoe after melting down every ounce of gold they could get their hands on. They bribed guards and escaped with only the clothes on their back. They arrived in the US with $1.47 in their pocket. They now own their own homes, sent their children to college, and have grandchildren thriving and living the American dream. Hard work and a dream made all that possible. They dared to believe that life could be better than the clarity they lived, they ventured into the blur. 

Imagine what your life can be…dream big. It can be hard when you face a certain reality everyday. And yet, those who dare to dream and see beyond the clarity, to explore the blurred and imagine a different reality will also work to fulfill their dreams. Success, happiness, joy, excitement, adventure…these belong to those who dare to live beyond the blur. They see possibilities and exhibit the courage needed to head that direction. 

Live today as if you had a vision, a view, a dream for your future that includes blurriness and the unknown. Imagine your life as more than you know now…live beyond the blur!