As we move through the last two months of the year, plan and enjoy the holidays, and face a brand new year…maybe it is time to take inventory. What I mean by inventory is making a list of the things you like about yourself, what you want to change, and the great things you bring to life. When we do this, it means we have the courage to face the truth and WANT to change. Before we can change, we need to know where we stand…which means inventory.

Like these tools, label for yourself the thing you are good it – personally, professionally, spiritually, and in life in general. If you don’t know the full list, then ask someone close to you who will tell you the truth. Think back on the days when you went to bed with a smile on your face and a full heart…what did you do that day to make it a good day? Taking invteory also means labeling the things oyu do not do so well – personally, professionally, spiritually, and in life in general. Having the courage to make a full list of our own shortcomings, bad habits, or annoying traits means we don’t jsut want to look at the good, we want to improve what needs to be improved. 

Too set in your ways to change? Too old to change? Too comfortable where you are to want to change…ok, that’s fine. That’s also admitting that you know you need to change just don’t want to do the work OR don’t think you and your life are worth the work. No one is perfect, and all of us need soemthing in our life to change. The REAL inventory question is not what is good or needs improving, it’s who you WANT to be compared to who you are right now. IF you know who you want to be and are not that person now, what needs to change to get you there? 

Change isn’t an overnight pill you take and WHAMO…you are perfect. Change requires slow growth, character focus AND people around you who love you enough to allow you to change. You see, when you change so does your world. And your world is worth getting things to be better. So have the courage to take inventory. Label what it is you want, when and where…then read your list frequently to keep the list inside your mind. What you belive will come your way if you keep working and thinking. The hard part is getting started, the boring part is being consistent. The exciting part is seeing the REAL you comet o life right before your eyes. You are worth an inventory, so do it now. Don’t wait for the end of the year, start now so you can start the year already working on a great plan.