On a beautiful fall day the light is spectacular. You see the world from a different perspective, simply because the light has changed. This weekend brings about Daylight Savings Time, which means it gets dark earlier. The days are getting shorter, so darkness will soon dominate.

The darkness of Fall has a strange impact on people. For some they use the dark times to relax, study, create and simply be still. For others the lengthy hours of darkness bring about sadness, depression or a sense of being tired all the time. The holidays are close and the pressure to prepare and socialize can bring out the best and the loneliness is us all. All this stirred up because the light changes and time takes on a different purpose and meaning. 

As you spend time today doing and being yourself, take a deep breath and enjoy the light of Fall. Let the somber shades and reflections soothe your soul, relax your mind and bring out your best.