It has been 108 years since the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series. And they broke that streak tonight! We spent the last week watching the games with family, eventhough we were in three different locations. We were able to enjoy the games together via the power of text messaging. We shared our passions and the pitfalls with words, eimojies and messages galore. We wore Cubs shirts, we had rally caps, and we even baked ‘cub cakes’ for the final game. We sang along with the crowd during the 7th inning stretch. None of us washed our shirts until the series was over. Even our cats participated in their own catlike way. 

I grew up going to games at Wrigley Field. I remember my Dad and brothers teaching me to keep score. I remember singing along with the organ and eating hot dogs. I remember the excitement, and the noise, and falling asleep on the ride home and magically waking up in my own bed the next day. I remember eating too much ice cream and screaming for the Cubs at the top of my lungs. I smile as I think of those summer days and the joy we experienced each and every time. 

It was fun watching the Cubs win, but it was more fun reliving the memories of childhood and being silly in my own living room. It was awesome to see an entire city come alive whether they liked baseball or not. It was amazing to see my husband who has only been in Chicago a couple times jump out of his chair and cheer on the Cubbies. Cheering on this team, in this series has rekinfdled a childlike hope in us all. 

Hope is the gift of sports. It gives us something to cheer about, something to mourn. Sports give us things to look forward to, things to talk about when we have no other way to relate to each other. Sports give us topics to start conversations with strangers, and time to commiserate with colleagues during meetings. Sports provide exercise after family dinners and reasons to eat junk food on cool summer evenings. Sports allow us to meet our neighbors and play like children. You can be great at sports, bad at sports, a fan of sports, or only watch the final games. However, there is no way to avoid sports – not in this country. 

Thank you Cubbies for evenings full of hope and turmoil and for a REALLY great season. Can’t wait to see what happens next season.