I love letters, in all forms, sizes, shapes and colors. Here you see the leftover paint on a letter collage stencil my friend shared with me last weekend. I used it to create some cool layers and color combinations. I look forward to using my new creations in artwork in the future. 

What intrigues me about letters is that there is a multitude of combinations that when put together can communicate anything you can imagine. It only takes spelling skills and a strong vocabulary to be able to express yoru ideas , thoughts, and emotions. It also takes getting the right letters in the right order. Before spell check I poorly typed hate when I meant heat…hell when I meant help…and you can remember others that can be just as painful. 

I learned that we no longer teach cursive writing in elementary schools. The school systems thinks it is a useless skill since everyone types and very few people ever actually write with pen and paper. I find that sad. We are losing the beauty of the written word…which is different than the typed word. Texts are nice, and email is okay, yet nothing can take the place of a hand written note to express how much someone REALLY means to you. It’s that magical feeling of importance you get when the mail is actually addressed to you. When the letter has your name written by hand not your name typed by computer under a plastic window, in a generic envelope. Mail can change the world.

Be it a postcard, a love letter, a birthday card or a holiday greeting…people love mail. It’s letters in the right order that make the  difference…especially when they are hand written. Take time today to send someone a hand written note. Or write your special someone a note and leave it on the kitchen counter or in their car. The power of the hand written word is infinitesimal! Unleash the power of letters in the right order…hand written.