We all have things that ‘push our buttons’. Things that make us angry, happy, frustrated and disappointed. Knowing this about yourself proves you have emotional intelligence. Knowing how to handle yourself when you are angry, happy, frustrated and disappointed proves you have maturity. The challenge occurs when your buttons get pushed AND knowing how to exercise your emotional maturity at the same time. 

Some relationships thrive on the drama unlocked when a button gets pushed. Some people are addicted to the passions and emotions that come along when they keep pushing other people’s buttons. If the drama is not there they will push a button to create it, and keep pushing until the chaos ensues. In relationships we call this dysfunction or codependency. Some people grow up only knowing these types of relationships. Some people choose to continue in these types of relationships. Some people drag us into their versions of chaos over and over again. 

The challenge in life is knowing our buttons and choosing not to let them rule our lives. Our own lives become more enriched when we choose over time to leave all buttons behind. Healthy relationships thrive on knowing someone’s buttons and choosing not to push them for our own gain or pleasure. Loving someone means knowing their buttons and overlooking them and instead encouraging them to grow beyond the buttons. 

So what pushes your buttons? What situations, circumstances, or emotional relationships push you to your limits? And who are the people that know how to push your buttons? Whose buttons do you know how to push? It’s a skill we all have and we have the ability to exercise for our own rewards and purposes. True self awareness and emotional intelligence comes when we leave all buttons alone…when we let the buttons on our clothes and on equipment be the only buttons that get us anywhere. The question is do you have the courage to leave your buttons behind?