We are having a dry fall, which means we don’t have tons of color…so I am working to appreciate what we do have. This shot looking down our driveway shows a bit of color but mostly dry, brown leaves. The little bit of red at the top left hand corner is the most we have thus far. During Fall we expect more. We are used to bright reds, oranges, yellows and amazing shades of all three colors. As we are in drought, the color is greatly lacking this year. So we savor the color when we see it. 

As I walked down our driveway, I thought about all this. I thought about how to appreciate what you have and not pine away for what you expect. How not to spend too much time being disappointed in what may never materialize, and spend more time enjoying what is right in front of you. How to live in the here and now and not wish your life away. How to love what you have NOT constantly look for more than you need. 

One way I do this is to turn off the media. I pause the TV during commercials so I can avoid being sold something I don’t need. I then fast forward back to the actual show. I throw away catalogs usually when they arrive…one day we got twenty-two in the mail. Who needs that many catalogs? And most of them have sent more copies in the weeks progress. I also avoid the mall and delete emails offering me ‘special deals’ from retailers. I have more than I need and would rather spend my time savoring what I have instead of filling our space with what others want me to buy. We are greatly blessed and I want to spend my time, money and thoughts blessing others. Which means enjoying the color we have not focusing on what we don’t have. 

Try it today. Be thankful for what you have and stop searching for things to fill in the gaps. If you had a full dinner tonight, have a safe and warm place to sleep, if you are loved and employed…or have enough to meet your needs, then be blessed. Be appreciative of being blessed and enjoy the colors of your day.