Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see this…a Rooster in a Pine tree. We saw him in the parking lot of a restaurant, then watched him jump into the tree and climb higher and higher. He really enjoyed being in the tree and seemed to show no signs of anxiety. What an unlikely place to find a Rooster, and yet for him it works. 

It made me think about unlikely things that people poo poo because they don’t understand. Someone had to go first. Someone had to invent. Someone had to endure the ridicule, failure, loneliness and personal doubt in order for things to progress. When Noah was told the world would be destroyed by a flood in a land that had not ever seen rain, there had to be some backbone in him to believe. When Colonial Sanders at age 72 sold his secret recipe fried chicken out of his car trunk, he had to believe that enough people would eat it to keep doing it. When Michelangelo started painting the Sistine Chapel at age 66 he had to hope he had enough energy to finish the job. When Walt Disney at age 60 had the idea to create a theme park around the idea of cartoon characters, there had to be some faith in there to stick through all the red tape when buying the land. Someone has to go first – someone has to execute the idea in order for the world to progress. 

Someone needs to try the new, the different, the novel idea first…maybe today that someone is you. Maybe today you are going to be like a Rooster climbing a Pine tree for the first time in your world. People will laugh. People will think it is strange. People will not understand. People will even talk about you…who cares. Great ideas, great thoughts, great works require belief, hope, and faith enough to keep going. 

When the idea comes to you and it requires belief, faith and hope…think about the Rooster in the Pine tree. He kept jumping and climbing. We may never know the reason why, yet he kept climbing. He kept at it until he succeeded. Your idea, thought, hope is worth the effort so keep climbing!