Believe it or not this is a bike rack. There are four of these metal columns lined up to allow people to lock up their bicycles while they are shoppping. I found it intriguing and imaginative, and yet people walked right by and never noticed the creativity. Someone spent their energy to install these really cool elements. I noticed them and was so charmed that I had to share them with you. 

Isn’t that true about so many things? We get so busy in our day to day thoughts, activities and to do items that we miss cool stuff that is right in front of our eyes. We are so focused on the now that we miss what ‘NOW’ really includes. Today’s challenge for you is to notice something in your everyday life that you pass each day…and yet miss it. Stop, ponder, be inspired then share your thoughts with someone else. 

When we stopped to check out these bike racks, and I mean stoppped. I walked around them, I leaned in, I touched them, then took photos. When other people saw what I was doing they wanted to be included…it’s contagious. When you take time to notice the life around you, you enlarge the life of more than just yourself. Take time today to enlarge someone else’s world by enlarging your own.