In our work spaces, the four of us have a great many books, magazines and resources about art. We can each enjoy our own personal libraries, which is a huge resource for us individually. We had an idea to compile our resources into one location in our gallery…and here is the result. We created a sitting area and library. How peaceful it is to share our resources and space with each other and anyone who wants to read about art. 

In this age of technology, kindles, iPads and electronic readers…we still value books. We enjoy handling them, turning the pages and reading chapters. We enjoy watching the bookmark progress from chapter to chapter. We enjoy leaving them out to visit again and again, like old friends who have stories to share. We enjoy touching their spines and experiencing the tactile elements of paper, pictures, end pages and covers. We enjoy spreading them out on a table and cross referencing ideas, thoughts, theories and techniques. The wealth of knowledge this little room provides on all sorts of art related topics is an amazing blessing to us all. 

Knowledge truly is power. By consolidating our knowledge resources into one space we are able to multiply our individual ideas exponentially. We can learn from each other’s information and grow our own idea base. Whether it is wood working or watercolor, photography or calligraphy we can sit quietly and synthesize the thoughts in our heads into beautiful works of art. 

Be willing to share your knowledge with others. Give freely of your resources and combine your ideas with teh ideas of others. You never know when a book, magazine, technique or article will change your world…sit still and let the knowledge invade your soul.