This was the view outside my window on the flight home. The clouds picked up the orange from the setting sun…it was amazingly beautiful. It was a moment when I was reminded that life – no matter how many times you have done the same thing over and over – will always surprise you if you simply pay attention. 

I fly the same flight home when I travel. I usually sit in the same seat on the same side of the plane if it is available. I use the flight to relax, decompress and unwind. The peace and quiet allow me to let the work of the week melt away. When I saw this orange out of the corner of my eye, I was startled by its intensity. In the years I have been flying this flight I had never seen such colors.

Routine is what keeps our lives moving forward at a manageable pace, and yet it can keep us from appreciating the unique moments of life. Take the time to look up from your work, your routines, and your schedule to look out the window…pay attention. You don’t know what you will see…or miss. The world is an amazing place and will bring new things to your view if you simply pay attention.