When we are born we have smooth, pink, soft skin. As we age we gain  wrinkles and lines. Society tells us that we need to be perfect to be beautiful, yet lines and wrinkles on our face tell people we have lived, and loved and learned. Like this beautifully aged piece of carved wood, age brings character. Age makes us interesting, experienced, and wise. Age allows us to learn and not repeat the same mistakes. Age provides adventure and real life to mix and create a fabulous perspective. 

In furniture we value age. In cars we value vehicles that have remained over time. In wine, whiskey and cheese we pay more for age. In clothing we have a catch phrase called ‘vintage’ for items that are hot, stylish and old. So why do we think getting old as a person is bad? We value it in everything but ourselves. Let’s take back our pride in stretch marks, laugh lines, wrinkles and cellulite. Let’s take back the beauty and benefits of aging…we are still here, we have survived and we have some stories to tell. 

Today when you look in the mirror, instead of trying to figure out what needs to be pinched, tucked, creamed or stretched…celebrate your aging beauty. Smile and talk pride in the lines…they represent all the love and laughter you have enjoyed over the years. Celebrate the flab as it represents the joyful meals and savory food. The beauty and benefits of aging are that you are here, wonderful and totally unique. Let the mirror be your friend…you’re worth it.