These wheels were found at the salvage store. It is where metal goes to be recycled. Some have rough tires, some have no tires. Some are silver or black, rusted or even red. They were piled up near the entrance waiting for someone to rescue them. Seeing the pile made me think about all the miles covered by these wheels, the people who rode them and the adventures everyone experienced. Hours and hours of traveling fun. And then I thought about how they were just discarded. How each person took their used wheels to the dump and drove away. Finished, unwanted, used. Now they sit in a pile waiting for someone to have an idea and find them useful again. 

There are times in life when I think we all feel like these wheels. Used up, discarded and of no use to anyone. As if our value is no longer appreciated and we are left to simply become invisible. This can happen after a stressful life change or perceived disaster. It can feel this way when we have tried hard and fail. We can feel this way when we work hard to advance with no recognition. It can feel this way when someone we love does not love us in return. We can feel this way when life transitions from one chapter to the next, or when death leaves a permanent mark on our lives. Like our life is over and we lie useless on a pile. 

No one’s life is useless. No one’s life is over simply because of change. We all have down days, dark periods and feel empty or useless. When we leave one phase of life and must face the uncertainty of the future, it doesn’t mean we are useless. It means we need more preparation for what;s coming next. Our past does not define us, it prepares us. These tires aren’t done yet, they will be repurposed into something next and different. 

Maybe the change you are experiencing now is the foundation for a bright, beautiful and amazing future. By experiencing the miles of life we learn and gain wisdom we can use moving forward. The wheels will turn again and support us through amazing adventures…so be patient, be grateful, and know that something different is coming your way.