We all have times in life when we are waiting. Waiting for something new, waiting for something to heal, waiting for something to be completed, or maybe waiting for something to end. We wait to be ready, wait for circumstances to change or improve, wait for people, or simply wait for a ride. We wait in traffic, wait in lines, wait for our food to arrive, and we wait for paint to dry. Waiting is a natural part of life. 

Waiting can be irksome. It tries our patience, wears out our last nerve, brings out the worst in us. Waiting can make us feel like we are wasting time, when what we really want is for time to pass more quickly. Waiting forces us to slow down and grow up. Waiting reminds us that we are not in control of everything, most things, or more than we care to admit…anything at all. 

Yet waiting forces us to face reality. It grows our character. It helps refine our sharp edges and enhance our best features. Waiting gives us time to become a better version of ourselves. It allows us to get out of the way and let life teach us a few lessons. Waiting gives us time to learn lessons and repair flaws. It provides time to reflect, review, adjust and try again. And through all this good stuff we know waiting provides, we all too often still find it irksome. 

Like this little boy who is waiting for his Dad to get out of line, we all have to spend time waiting. This little man looks like he has a lot on his mind. I wonder what he’s thinking about? His patience reminded me to stay calm and utilize the time while I’m waiting. Waiting forces us to think and get better. 

So as you spend time today waiting, think. Instead of getting frustrated or annoyed, get clear. Get calm. Get better.