For the last six months this friendly fellow has been visiting our house. It took me many months for him to let me pet him. Of course I bribed him with food and water. We didn’t know what gender he was until we saw him from behind – boy! So we have named him Persimmon. Now, this is how we often find him on our back porch after he has finished snacking. He will stay there for hours, hours, and hours. 

He is a stray and may disappear for several days in a row, but he always turns back up on our porch. He sleeps when he is tired and eats when he is hungry. He talks to us when he wants something, and greets us in the morning with a friendly meow. He follows me around the yard, just wanting to be included. He runs away when he has somewhere else to be. He makes no promises he doesn’t keep, and when he is hanging around we know why he is here. 

The lesson I have learned from him over these many months – be yourself. When you’re there, be there and be yourself. When you are comfortable being you others are comfortable being around you. Eventhough he sometimes disappears, we know what we will get when he comes back. He is Persimmon and a consistent Persimmon all the time. 

In a world that ‘sells’ us Movie Stars, Athletes, Celebrities and Political Figures for us to emulate…why not make life easier and more genuine, be yourself. Which means you need to know yourself. So today I encourage you to know yourself and BE yourself all the time….and when you need it, take a nap.