This is a closeup of Hyacinth beans. I was struck by their beautiful shades of purple, so I picked them off a trellis. I plan to dry them, harvest the seeds and plant them in the Spring. The farmer who let me pick them gave me instructions on how to make this work. I’m excited to see if anything of them actually grow…I suppose I am being ambitious here. 

Purple represents royalty, luxury and ambition. Most of the places where I see purple it helps me experience luxury. When I see purple used as a strong accent in a room I also think of courage. Not everyone likes purple, and not everyone can pull off purple. And yet it is a color that almost always gets a reaction and compliment. 

I think it is interesting that luxury and ambition can be represented by the same color. Luxury is acquired because someone along the way was ambitious enough to get the job done to be able to afford the luxury. Without funds luxury isn”t really possible…someone has to pay the bill. And yet, depending upon who you are your version of a luxury may vary. To some people a coffee from Starbuck’s is a luxury. To others it is a daily necessity. To some people air conditioning is a complete endulgence, and to others it is the only way to survive their climate. In our culture we have forgotten that what we now see as necessities were once luxuries. The real question is are we able to truly afford them or are we pretending to in order to impress others? Ambition is a good thing when it is kept under control. When it gets out of hand is when we think we are royalty instead of everyday people. 

All that from some purple seed pods. What does purple make you think about? Where do you see purple in your world? Maybe your world needs a little purple luxury to remind you that you are worth the effort? Check out the purple in your world today and see if you indeed think about luxury and ambition…or does it make you feel royal?