Today let’s celebrate the color red. Here are traditional Flamenco dance costumes in bright shades of red. I love the fact that you could ‘try’ them on and imagine yourself swirling across the floor with passion ans spirit. My sister-in-law took this shot while visiting sunny Spain. 

Red is the color of passion, energy, love, and strength. Whether it is found in a carnation or rose, the color evokes strong reactions. Men wear red ties to signify power. Women wear red suits to exhibit strength. Red shoes helped Dorothy find her way back home. The life giving liquid of our lives runs red through our veins. We use red to celebrate Valentine’s day and Christmas. We paint our walls red to energize and bring passion to our lives. Santa wears a red suit…and for some stories so does the devil. Red is an important color across the globe. CAndy canes inlcude red as well as candied apples. 

Without red we could not make purple. Without red we would not have orange. Shades of red bring fall to life and wonderful roses and flowers into our gardens each Spring. When people are angry they see red and when hurt they bleed. Red is a powerful color not only in meaning but in all the places it is represented. 

Today I encourage you to ‘see’ red in all it’s shades and passion. Notice where makes your world more beautiful, when it makes you feel powerful, and when it helps you express your emotions. Celebrate today the power of red.