Blue is the color of loyalty, security and trust. This flower served in a wedding bouquet for a family wedding…what a great color to include on such a special occasion. The wedding and the flower were beautiful. 

You hear people talk about feeling blue. You hear people talk about a blue moon. You hear people sing ‘blues skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see.’ There are so many ways we experience blue…blue like jazz, blue as a California sun, or maybe a blu lagoon. Blue has such a vast array of shades – baby blue, navy blue, robin’s egg blue, sky blue, and so many more. It is such a beautiful color, such a core color to our world. 

Wohout blue we could never have green. Without blue we could not have purple. Without blue we could not have so many shades around us. My challenge for you today is to look around for the blue in your world and enjoy it. Check out the blue skies smiling at you, and smile back!