White frames are all the rage in the antique world. They bring a subtle elegance to anything they surround. When I saw this display it made me think about all the art I have framed over the years. There have been hundreds of pieces from original to prints that I have framed for myself, our gallery, friends, family, gifts and just for fun. I have made frames, refinished frames, painted frames, and striped wood to make it a better frame. 

The other trend in framing right now is a solid black frame. Simple and clean. If you go into a furniture store you will see mostly black framed art. It is general enough to fit into anyone’s home and yet creative enough to not compete with the art it surrounds. Both black and white frames are good frames. 

The whole goal of a good frame is it to enhance without competing. The right frame will make the work stand out and be more attractive. A good frame protects the artwork from damage, from elements and dust. The right frame can make all the difference in the value of a piece of art. The wrong frame can leave a piece hanging on the wall unsold for years. Knowing how to frame a work of art is an important skill. Some artists paint to fill a specific frame. Some artists frame their work once it is completed…some artists never frame their work. 

Framing art is a bit like how we treat children. Do we bring out their best without competing, or do they hang around for years with no one paying any attention to them? Either way, what we surround them with will greatly impact their path. It’s not always black and white, and yet it boils down to one simple truth. Like great art that is surrounded with the best frame possible, a child who is surrounded with love, acceptance and encouragement will grow up to astound the world. 

Todayas you interact with children shoes to bring out their best…be the best frame ever.