We are in full fledged fall colors. I enjoy the beauty of the different shades of leaves and the contrast it brings. Fall colors are so different than the colors of the other seasons, so calming and so warm. Here is one of my favorites, burnt orange. The leaves turn this color in our area starting in late September, early October. Soon the reds and yellows, brownsand  burgundies will make an appearance. Soon it will be time for long pants and turtlenecks, socks and warm slippers. 

The changing of the leaves reminds me that life has seasons, it ebbs and flows over a long expanse of time. When we are patient we are given opportunities to learn over time, grow and change. The most frustrating periods of my life have been when I wanted something and did not think it was happening fast enough. I wonder if the leaves ever feel that way? Does nature want things to happen faster? Or have the centuries taught nature that patience is a virtue that cannot be rushed? That the lessons life teaches are best absorbed over time? 

I encourage you today to give yourself time for life to take its’ course. Great things will happen if we give ourselves time to learn the lessons we need to know in order to advance to the next level. What i the lesson you re learning? And are you patient enough to learn it? Just like fine wine, the flavor of life is enhanced over time…let time do its’ magic and reaver to you the incredible path your life may follow. The leaves understand this, maybe we need to remember it as well.