When we were shopping at the computer store, this little fellow was passing the time playing a game. I watched him sit down, pick up the computer and start the game…no assistance needed. He sat there for almost an hour without talking to anyone while his family was moving around the store shopping. He exhibited no fear, no anxiety. And he only showed frustration when he could not succeed at the game. What did he do? He talked to the little boy on the other side of the table. Together they figured it out. 

For him technology is a tool to be used not a foreign thought process to fear. He has never know a world where technology did not work with him to help him succeed. It has always been a part of what he does. He learned to read, type, navigate, even problem solve all using technology. He communicates with family via the computer. He finds things by using the computer. He interacts with others as a result of technology. For him it is just the way it has and always will get things done. No assistance needed, he can figure it out for himself. 

Not all of us grew up with technology. I remember when televisions did not have a remote control…the kids were the remote control. When you had to go to the library to do reasearch by reading books. When you had to make an appointment and show up on time because there was no way to contact people. When you had to send letters to communicate back and forth with people who lived far away. No assistance needed, you used waht oyu had to learn a don do what you needed. 

Times have changed. Technology has changed. Sometimes technology has made things easier, other things it has complicated. However you choose to interact with technology it is no shame to need help or ask for assistance. For all of us it does not come easily…knowing you need help and asking for assistance is the door to a better way to do things. Technology or not, we all need help at one time or another. Sometimes asking for help is the only way to progress and win the game.