I had dinner with a man who wanted to change his life. He knew he had skills that were not being utilized, so he wanted to change the track he was currently traveling. The problem is not getting what you want, it is knowing what you want. Once you know what you want, the getting is just about hard work and persistence. Once you are on a certain track how do you change tracks? How do you morph who you are into who you want to be? It isn’t an easy process yet it can be done. 

Each choice we make sends us along a course, a path, an adventure. We are in life where we have chosen to be…change your choices and you change your life. It might not happen right away, but by changing one choice you can then change another choice, and still  another until you have moved off your current road to a new one. 

The other challenge in making new choices is that you might need to change the people around you. Not everyone supports people changing and improving. Some people want us to stay where we are because it makes them feel better. If we change they might be left behind. So be sure when you make different choices that you also surround yourself with people who will support the new you. People who will encourage you, endorse you, grow as you grow. Make right choice, surround yourself with teh right people…simple. 

If you don’t like the track you are on, make choices to today that will change that track…choices about people and basic decisions. Change one thing today for your new you and begin to believe that you can get onto that new track.