These trees left a cool shadow in the sidewalk. The shadows show a bit of each plant as well as the shape of their leaves. At dusk it created a dramatic effect. The shadows made me stop and think. 

I believe we have a choice in our actions. We choose everyday how we are going to react to our world, which impacts everything around us. Panic is contagious. If we choose to panic when things hit, the people around us will also panic. Joy is contagious. If we choose to appreciate and spread joy, the people around us will also experience joy. Calm is contagious. If all the world around us is covered in confusion, distress or anxiety and we choose to be clam…then the people around us will experience calm. When you are the leader, people mirror your reactions to things and absorb the signals you send. 

All of us experience life in all its ups and downs. None of us can control everything, so how you react leaves an impact on those around you. Like these plants that left a shadow on the sidewalk, our lives leave a shadow. When the light shines on my life, what shadows do I leave behind? What do people see in the wake of my presence? As I approach each day I need to remember and remind myself that how I react not only impacts others it leaves a shadow. My hope is that the shadow I leave behind makes things better for those who see it.