You’ve seen these types of fun photo opportunities before. Here they are focused around farm animals and fall. These are painted on a fence, designed for little kids to enjoy. I can only imgaine the funny faces and giggles the children who play with these will exhibit. Remember when you were a little kid and you could instantly pretend you were a duck or turkey, sheep, pig or even a chicken? Just the image on the fence and the process of sticking your head through the hole would start your imagination going. The fun began the minute you saw the image. 

So when did that ability go away? When did we lose our childhood mischief and the ability imagine ourselves into anything we wanted? Why do we adults enjoy watching children have fun, and yet we ourselves have to get over ourselves to do it? When did we get so grown up?

Maybe it was school? Maybe it was moving from childhood through puberty to adulthood? Maybe it was having adult responsiblities like a job and bills and people depending upon us? Maybe we willingly gave up our childlike imagination because it was easier than enduring the ridicule of other adults who had let their imagination die long ago? Maybe we know our imagination is in there, it’s just out of shape? 

So what does it take to get you to imagine, to be childish, to let your adult responsiblities go and simply be silly? Does it take shoving your head through a hole and pretending to be a chicken? Do you need prompting, goading, or will you do it willingly without an audience? Is there a particular friend who can get you to be silly? Or are you willing to do it all the time? I hope that today you have an opportunity to be silly, that there are people around you who will encourage you to be silly AND be silly with you. Go ahead, cluck like a chicken and have fun! No one will judge you…unless you let them!