We have had beautiful weather this week. Everyone rolled down their windows and let the air flow…even our canine friends. We interacted with this fellow at a stop light. What this photo doesn’t show is that the rest of the truck is clean, and shiny and bright…not a spot on it. This passenger door however is covered with drool. That tells me this pooch hangs his head out the window often and enjoys himself, and the drool flies. The owner seems to take it in stride, keeping the truck as clean as he can except for the drool covered passenger doors. He loves is companion in spite of the ever flowing drool. 

Isn’t that just like our relationships with people? We spend time with them and love them in spite of the mess they can bring. Some people seem to create drama; they in fact seem to manufacture it if there is none. Almost as if they are addicted to drama. What could be simple too often turns complex and cumbersome when they arrive. Or there are people who can’t make a decision and drag us into their world to help them decide. They anguish over each choice and seek affirmation at every turn, thus dragging us into the indecision. Or there are those who have scheduled themselves into too much because they cannot say no, and run their lives like a deli counter…now serving problem, issue, challenge number 456!

And yet in spite of all these quirks and idiosyncrasies, we call them family, friend, colleague. We spend time with them and enjoy the things they add to our lives. The trick is getting over the quirks and seeing past the mess to enjoy who they really are. Like loving your pet in spite of the drool. If we throw away all the messy people, then none of us would have anyone to hang around…for we all have mess, we all have drama, we all have annoying tendencies…we all have drool. The good friends are the one who keep the car clean, except for the passenger door where the drool collects. They let us ride in the car, love us and spend time with us…then wash the door when opportunties allow.