Do you remember what it was like as a little kid taking a pony ride? Chattering away with your friends as you ran to the line. The anticipation as you waited for your turn. The fun of watching others go before you and hoping that your turn would be here soon. Then your turn arrived…suddenly the anticipation was replaced by a combined sense of fun and fear. You grabbed the reins and sat down with confidence and exhiliration. Suddenly there you were doing the thing you had hoped for, waited for, wanted sooooo badly. You were riding a pony and loving it. The smile on this little girl’s face says all that and more. 

Today we visited a local pumpkin patch ( They had hay rides and a corn maze, pumpkins for sale and of course pony rides. It was delightful. Well organized, simple and fun. We walked around and had fun enjoying the little kids experiencing all the activities. What you do not see in this shot is that the pony soon stopped, pooped, and all the little kids in line squealed in disgust and burst into nervous giggles and snickers…soooo cute! It made me laugh out loud along with most of the parents. This littel girl just sat there patiently and waited for the horse to finish, held her head high, then continued her ride as if nothing had happened. 

Isn’t that just like life…you wait a long time for something special, and then reality has a way of rearing it’s ugly head. Surprises and poop are around every corner. Like this little girl you have a choice on how you react. Do you let it ruin your experience or take it in stride, have fun, stay positive and keep going? You can only control two things in life – your actions and your attitude. Too often we let the circumstances we cannot control ruin something special. We let the drama or chaos or panic or poop get to us, and it ruins what we waited so long to enjoy. I encourage you today to control your actions and your attitude and NOT let the unexpected tarnish or diminish your special something. 

Poop happens, get over it…just don’t step in it!