I had a conversation with someone today who was not sure which road to take in his career. He was offered a different position than what he does currently, and he is not sure he wants to make that change. He is comfortable where he is now and is not sure he wants to go through being uncomfortable again. 

You know that feeling. You sit in your chair and realize you are good at what you do and have figured out your universe. Then something comes along and offers you a chance to change. Do you take it? Do you stay where you are? Do you leap into the unknown? Or do you stay where you are and continue being successful at your current level? Choices, choices…what to do?

He asked me what he should do. Wouldn’t it be easy if we all had someone to call who would tell us what to do? They could provide the solution and we would be off the hook. If the solution they provided doesn’t work you can blame them – you were only doing what they told you to do…so no skin off your nose. Unfortunately life is not that easy. If you want to get anywhere or create anything or progress into a better future, you need to make decisions for yourself and be responsible for your own actions. By the way, I did not tell him what to do. I told him no one could make that choice but him. 

If you find yourself at a cross roads, only you can make the decision. Give yourself time to think it through and don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from missing out on a great opportunity. You didn’t know what you would find when you got to where you are now…so why does the unknown have to lead to something worse? Maybe it is better. Maybe it is better than you could have ever imagined. You won’t know if you don’t take the chance.