Life is not a simple walk in the park, it is filled with ups and downs. And if you are blessed you will have more ups than downs. No matter how hard you try, the downs will come and they can feel overwhelming. Sometimes all you see is an uphill battle. All you feel is the effort and energy it takes to get to that next step. All you feel is tired, worn out and behind. Some days you just don’t have it in you to take that next step. 

Then someone in your life lends you their energy, their imagination, their joy…and you take one more step. You move forward, you leave behind a tiny bit of the struggle as you overcome the distance. Overcoming is all about small steps to success. No one expects you to be perfect your first time out, only you have that unrealistic expectation for yourself. The rest of us KNOW you will fail. We KNOW you will stumble. We KNOW you will need to get up over and over and over again until you reach your destination. 

Give yourself a break. Instead of focusing on the top, just keep climbing…the top will be there when you arrive.