I sit in airports a lot and watch people. It is a great way to pass the time while you are waiting to board without getting bored. I was eating my mediocre piece of pizza and noticed this table. I have no idea what he was telling them, but these three ladies were riveted. He talked for over twenty minutes without losing their gaze…I was fascinated. I stopped reading my book and watched theme to see how long before they would lose interest. I wanted to walk over and find out what he was saying because I felt like I was missing something. Whatever it was, he must be a fabulous storyteller.

Storytelling is a powerful tool. It is an amazing way to convey your idea, thought, advise, and experience by wrapping it all into a narrative to which people can relate. No matter the age, people love stories. Funny ones, scary ones, joyful ones and ones that bring tears. We read stories to our children and share family history through stories. Leaders tell stories to rally the crowd, prove a point, illustrate a concern. When we gather for weddings and funerals we tell stories. So I was not surprised to see this gentleman passing the time with his traveling companions by telling a story. 

I mentor all sorts of people and if they work with me for very long, they hear many of my stories. By telling my stories from my experiences I hope to help them understand that I too have had challanges from which we both can learn. My stories have helped me illustrate important points, as well as share my painful lessons and WHY I won’t let those things happen again. Experience is the best teacher, especially if it is someone else’s experience. By sharing my stories I am opening the door for them to learn from my experiences. 

What experiences do you need to share? Who needs to hear your stories? Are you someone people want to listen to? Next time you are listening to someone without losing your gaze, I bet they are telling you a great story…if so, pass it on. We need more storytellers and people need to hear what you have to share. Never be afraid to tell your story, you never know when THAT is exactly what they need to hear.