It is both sides of this flower that make it interesting. The smooth petals and the textured center. Each brings it’s own element to enhance the eye catching elements of the flower. I’m not sure one would be as beautiful without the other. 

Like this flower we all have two sides. The one we show in public and the one we only share in private spaces where we know we are safe. Both bring an important element to our lives. Some people only know the public us, others know only the private us, and a small group is fortunate enough to know both sides. Allow yourself to appreciate both sides and bring them to the forefront when opportunity allows. 

People want to know the real you, not just the public you…unfortunately not everyone needs, or deserves the opportunity to know all of you. Share yourself with those who will protect you, cherish you, love you. Share yourself with those who will appreciate the full you – for your beauty, your passion, yourself. Like both sides of the flower your full self is beautiful no matter how close you look.