Do you remember what it was like as a little kid to run around in the grass with your arms open wide pretending you could fly? The more you ran the higher you imagined you were going. The more open space you covered the more you imagined clouds and mountain tops disappearing below your view. If you took a blanket and tied it around your neck you were a  Superhero saving the world. You could leap tall buildings and save all mankind. With your imagination the sky had no limit. 

Ask the children in your life about flying…they will know instantly how to do it. They may even lift their arms and begin to fly right there in the living room. Round and round and round they go…over the sofa and through the kitchen to save the world and bring peace to all mankind. So when did you stop pretending? When did you give up flying across the neighborhood? When did you begin worrying about what other people think? When did you begin living in reality not in your own imagination? 

If you can’t remember the last time you flew, try sticking your hand out the window while you drive to feel the wind beneath your fingers. Let the air gush past your arm to remind you of your early flying days…let it transport your mind back into your own imagination. Stop the car near an open field, get out, then run as fast as you can until you pick up enough speed to have the weight of your current responsibilities melt away. Let your imagination sweep you up into the peace of a world with no limits. If even for a few moments you will be better for it…