This is ink on aluminum foil. I crumpled it to add texture to gel prints. It was an idea someone shared with me, and it turned out fabulously. Here you see how the foil looked with the leftover ink. I liked the way it looked when we used it on paper, and I like the way it looks as a leftover. We have leftovers in other ways…food, half written pieces of paper, hand-me-down clothes and half used art supplies. Some people don’t like leftovers…they only want new. They want to use what they need then throw the rest away, or leave it for someone else to use the rest. 

I guess I am that someone else. I greatly enjoy taking what other people have thrown away or gotten tired of using and turning it into something new and useful. Some people call this recycling, others call it repurposing or reinventing. It is a trend in the decorating world and has become a focus of television shows. People have entire stores that feature old turned into new. It is amazing to see what people come up with and how they reinvent things.

What do you have around that you use everyday that someone else used before you? Be grateful that they were done and you are now able to benefit from the remaining life. Like this foil, something the reuse of something is teh better part of life.