It’s that time of year, fall is coming. And that means everything from the weather to colors will all begin to change. We have leaves falling like rain and trees beginning to turn colors. We have nights that are getting cooler and flowers that are going to seed. The early morning hours are now dark and the afternoon turns to evening much sooner than before. The stores are beginning to display different color schemes and many more pumpkins. 

There is peace in the seasons changing. It’s a reminder that we are not in control and time, earth, everything around us knows what to do next. The changes we experience are the result of the natural cycle of life. There is a time and season for everything, and fall brings with it the holiday season. Halloween and Thanksgiving will be followed by Christmas and a brand New Year. Only a little over three months left in this year…time does fly. 

As we wind down 2016, what are you hoping to accomplish in the last three months. There is still plenty of time to complete whatever it is you have started…and still many days to begin what you wanted to start and yet kept putting off until later. Don’t let the seasons of this time of year prevent you from doing what you promised yourself and others would get down before another year passes. You still have time, so take advantage of it and get to work.