I spent the day with my talented friend Laurel working on gel prints. When you gel print you can use stencils to create different layers and shapes. What I worked to better understand was the difference between the positive and the negative space. It sounds simple, and maybe even a little idiotic, yet when printing onto paper you have the think backwards, positive and negative. I started off slow then became rather prolific. I printed 20 cards plus over 35 single pieces of paper. It was fun and colorful and there are lots of pieces that I can work with moving forward. 

Laurel has been doing gel printing for years. She does beautiful work and can create amazingly deep colors from simple ink and stencils. Every time we get together I learn a great deal from her. She is kind, and patient and very methodical in her creations. She is also very generous in sharing her knowledge and supplies. We call this time together Art Play Dates. We talk,we laugh, we learn, we experiment. Today we utilized aluminum foil, glue guns, and deli paper to test tools and colors. It’s nice to be with someone who is creative and not afraid to try something…if it fails, then we try something else. 

We were joined by our friend Patty, who focused on knitting. She is a jewelry artist who is learning to knit. She has already created some beautiful knitted pieces. Patty noted how fun it was to learn something new – outside her normal medium – and how creative she felt. These are two very talented ladies who I enjoy spending time with. Being around them when they are creating encourages me to be more creative…they allow me to be prolific without judgement.

We’ve decided to schedule play dates once a month to keep the creative momentum going. We already have next month’s date on our calendars. I hope you have people who encourage you to learn and grow and be more creative with new things than you thought possible. Set up an art play date next month with someone creative you know. It will really will catapult your own creativity to a new level.