Life can be tough. There are days when you may not think you can take anymore…the next thing is the one that will put you over the edge. It’s as if your life has you in a vice. Your thoughts of dread consume you, the drama grows each day, and everyone in your family has stomped on your last nerve all day long. The consequences of your decisions have all hit at once, and you can’t even get a good night’s rest…yikes!

Sometimes it stinks being an adult. The person you are is not the one you envisioned when you were five or six. The problems and challenges of being an adult have the better of you, and you want off the ride. There are bills, bosses, debt, obligations, family to support and all that on top of getting older…which is not for sissies! Whew, when all this happens day after day after day it can really get you down. You may feel trapped or depressed or even ponder life changing decisions.

Take a deep breath. Never make life changes when you are not at your best. Never let the circumstances of your life turn you into someone you do not want to be…take another deep breath. Think about the good things you have in your world – the people you love, the people who love you. Think about all the things you have overcome to get you this far. You have made it a long way and these circumstances will pass with time. You have probably been through other bad times and are stronger for having survived them. You can do it again. It won’t be easy, it may not happen as quickly as you want. It may not even turn out as you hope, yet it all will turn out. Time does indeed heal all wounds, it just may not be the timeline you want. 

Life is not a Merry-Go-Round where you travel the same circle over and over again. Life is more like a roller coaster, there are ups and downs, curves and spins. There are times when you have to work to climb the big hill, then you experience the thrill of speeding down hill to then climb the next hill. Don’t let the temporary stuff of today prevent you from seeing the hope of tomorrow. Don’t let the vice on your head stay forever…give yourself time to rest so you have the strength to get rid of the pain. Take a deep breath, calm down and let time deal/heal what is ailing you. The vice will go away, the sun will shine, and you will get through all this.