In the ‘old days’ we had to do everything via snail mail. Once you sent off that letter, note, or order you had to wait for a response. It meant patiently checking your mailbox each day to see if there was something inside. The mail person delivered the mail usually around the same time each day. So as you watched them approach you hoped that something special would be in their hand…and if it was not, then you would wait again until tomorrow. 

I recently applied for membership to a guild, which required a paper application. I had to submit pictures, fill out a membership application, and submit a blind jury form. I find out at the end of the month if I have been selected to move to the next round. So I wait. Like the application process, the notification process is only done via snail mail. That may seem crazy in this day and age of technology, and yet not everyone is technology friendly…so snail mail is the lowest common denominator. So I wait…and check the mailbox everyday. 

There is something to be said for waiting. It forces you to have hope. It forces you to be patient. It forces you to be ready no matter the answer. It could be good news, it could be bad news. There could be no news…and then you wait some more. Waiting makes you contemplate both sides of things – the options if the answer is yes and how to handle the disappointment if the answer is no. In this time when we get instant messages, instant photos, instant ‘friends’ and instant transactions, I think we have robbed ourselves of the opportunity to learn patience. As a result, we have become rather impatient…we want things now, the way we want them, and we want to find out no matter what. Waiting forces you to slow down. It makes you REALLY want something if you know you have to wait for it. 

So I wait. And I will start checking the mailbox near the end of the month to see if there is news. And the time I wait will allow me to prepare for the excitement of moving forward in the process, or the disappointment of being rejected. Either way, it will force me to be patient. 

What are you waiting for? Have you put yourself out there and are you waiting for a response? Maybe you are waiting for the next phase of your life to start, and it seems to be taking forever…I encourage you to be patient and prepare for the answer, no matter the result. You will be a better person for trying, for waiting, for being patient…no matter the answer. The waiting can be the hardest part…