Here you see three generations of men. They were all together at a recent family wedding. Each one of them has a unique value that they bring to the table. Each one has interests, talents and skills that make the world a better place. They are all smart, funny, kind and get along when not playing Jenga. It was fun to see them all pull off wearing a bow tie at the same time.

So what makes a man a man? Is it his stlye, his skills, his mind, or something else? Is it his ability to hold down a job or lead a group? Is it a heroic act or a commitment to serving others? Is it his biological parts, or is there more than just physical composition to labeling a man a man? Is it the time he spends providing for his family? Does cooking a meal, writing a computer program, or maybe folding laundry make a man a man? Maybe it is about how many languages he speaks or where he has traveled? Or maybe if he wins a Nobel Peace Prize, that makes him a man. Maybe it boils down to power, influence, control, dominance? Maybe it is some combination of all of these things? 

Every culture, every country, every family, every person has their own definition of a man. When I see this group of men I admire them all for who they are, what they have overcome and who they want to be in the future. Each one has an irreplaceable value to their family, their co-workers, their friends and their community. Each one has made the world a better place because they are in it. Each one has more they want to do and will do, if time and their energy allows. 

What do you see when you look at a man? How do you define a man? Think about it, and let the men you love know what you think makes a man a man…and be sure to give them the space and support they need to become better men. We need good men, and good men need to be supported and loved…whether they can wear a bow tie or not!